Use promo code "itsabird" to get 30% OFF adv. tickets to the May 20th SUPER HERO PUB CRAWL as part of a EARLY BIRD SPECIAL starting March 1st, 2017 at noon via

NOTE: Discount code good until 11:59pm on 3/11/17 

In addition to the 2017 SUPER HERO PUB CRAWL, there are other upcoming geek-themed events (also produced by Markster Con) that you might be interested in.

To find out more, please visit

NOTE: The first 30 people purchasing tickets will get a FREE Batman t-shirt. The shirt features elements of the Batman crime-fighting uniform, including the classic bat-logo, a yellow "utility belt" print, and a removable yellow, velcro-attached cape! NOTE: Sizes S-XXL available but must arrive early on May 20th to snag your preferred size as event organizer will only have a set amount of each size available (first-come, first-pick).